With our family being in the center of the silk trade for over three decades, silk has always been a huge part of our lives. We have long shared with our mother a strong desire to bring the “queen of all fabrics” to the homes of many. Mainly because quality silk has always come at a high price, but also so we could help others enjoy the many health benefits of silk products. When our daughter arrived almost eight weeks earlier than expected, we needed more flexibility in our lives. This was the perfect time to put our dream into motion and create our business, Beauty of Orient. 

The word Orient refers to the eastern countries of Asia or one’s aim. For us, it is both. Silk originated in the Far East thousands of years ago. Though we are a U.S. brand, we are still connected to these deep roots of the silk industry. We learned from our parents to always demonstrate great dedication and direction in our crafts while also instilling values and integrity in our business. Never cutting corners, caring about every detail of each product we make and making sure each customer is satisfied. For that is our purpose, our dedicated sense of direction. 

We take pride in being so involved with the entire process of our silk to ensure that the Beauty of Orient product you receive is one that will meet your expectations. From the selection of raw materials to inspection of the final product.

Our silk is incredibly soft and cool to the touch. It also has many benefits for skin, hair, health, and sleep. Whether you are dealing with bad hair mornings, creases on your skin, acne, hot flashes in your sleep or just want an upgrade, our silk is here to help with whatever your needs may be. With our knowledge and craftsmanship, there is no doubt that our products will allow you to enjoy these benefits and bring a touch of everyday luxury into your home.

Beauty of Orient was created with family in mind; to bring us closer with our own while bringing health and luxury into yours and your loved ones.  Thank you for shopping with us, we hope that our products put a smile on your face for years to come.

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