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"The Best Silk Pillowcases of 2021" — Marie Claire

- What's momme in silk fabric? -

The “momme” is a form of measurement used to describe the weight of silk fabric.
1 momme means that a piece of silk fabric sized 45 inches by 100 yards weighs 1 pound.

The higher the weight,
the higher the density and thickness of the silk.


25 Momme - Champagne

Very High Quality Silk Pillowcase

This brand is one of the best silk pillowcases I have bought. Just a very high quality case and silk! Very smooth, cool, matching color hidden zipper, and just beautiful colors to choose from. The champagne and vanilla colors are to die for! You will not be disappointed!

Sharon K.

Monday, Aug 3, 2020

19 Momme - Natural Undyed White

Wow, why didn't
I buy one sooner?

Love these pillowcases! Never had silk pillowcases, thought it would be too slippery. But wow, I love the feel. So comfortable. Not hot at all. Stayed cool mostly. Not sure how much this will help my skin or hair, although I did notice my hair doesn't wake up as frizzy if that's a sign. It feels as dreamy silky smooth and awesome!

Alma S.

Friday, Sept 11, 2020

19 Momme - Vanilla Ice

Smooth, Sleek,
and Cool Sleeping

I read that sleeping on a silk pillow case does wonders for your hair and skin. After one night sleeping on it, I wondered why I waited so long to add this to my life. I wake up in the morning with no creases on my face and my gray hair is smooth and unsnarled. I will follow instructions to clean and preserve my silk pillow cases with gratitude.
Esther M.

Tuesday, Feb 4, 2020

19 Momme - Champagne

Great choice!

Love this pillowcase. Comfortable and great to avoid bed-head. I’ve been meaning to purchase one of these, but there were just so many to choose from. This one is beautifully made and the standard size is perfect for my standard size favorite memory pillow. Washes great when following detailed enclosed instructions. Delivery was perfect. I’m very pleased with my choice.

Monday, Dec 23, 2019

19 Momme - Vanilla Ice

The Best of the Best

I bought six different brands of pillow cases, and these were the clear winners 🏆

Nothing else came close...


Thursday, Mar 11, 2021


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