Our Story

A New Beginning

This story starts with the birth of our daughter. Arriving almost eight weeks earlier than expected, the typical job setting was not ideal for our new life as parents. We needed something that would allow us to be working professionals from home in order to be with our new baby as much as we could. Creating a wonderful life for her is deeply important to us, so we put our heads together to come up with a way to do just that. After a lot of thought, we landed on the idea of creating an online business specializing in silk products. It was the perfect thing to highlight our family’s deep roots in the silk industry and teach others about the history of silk. Thus, Beauty of Orient was born. 

The word orient refers to the eastern countries of Asia or one’s aim. For us, it is both. Our name orients our customers focus on the beauty of our family’s history and the history of the silk industry. Our family has over three decades of experience working with silk in the Chinese city of Suzhou (pronounced “soo-joh”). This city has been the capital of high quality silk production for many years and for this has gained the nick-name “City of Silk”. The roots of our family are embedded in the making of the finest silk, which makes it possible for us to bring the once exclusive product into the homes of many.

Thankfully, we have been able to learn the ins and outs of silk production from the finest silk masters in our family. From the selection of raw materials to inspection of the final product, we have learned from the best. We take pride in being so involved with the creation process of our silk to ensure that the product you receive is one that will meet your expectations. Silk has many benefits because it is natural and hypoallergenic, but in order to see those benefits the silk must be top quality. With our knowledge and craftsmanship, there is no doubt that our products will allow you to see these benefits and bring a touch of everyday luxury into your home.

We created this company with family in mind; to bring us closer with our own while bringing health and luxury into yours. Thank you for shopping with Beauty of Orient, we hope that our products put a smile on your face for years to come.