About Us

It was our Grandmother’s vision, to bring silk products to families around the world, at an affordable price.
The ancient Silk Road was established, when the beautiful and luxurious fabric made in Suzhou was discovered and acquired throughout Eurasia— which soon became a sign of status and extravagance.
We feel blessed, to be coming from the root of this industry, the silk city, Suzhou. For three generations, we worked from raw material, to weaving, to finished products.  Details and quality is the key that we differ ourselves.
As a husband & wife team, we started Beauty of Orient in Los Angeles, California. We spent quite some time learning what the customers wanted; we studied various silk products out there to see what should and could be improved. Then, following the same high standard and passion that our grandmother would have expected, we traveled and lived in between the cities of Los Angeles and Suzhou, allowing us to be hands on with the entire production process, while also staying close to our customers.